VDO TPMS Valve Service Kits

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Our VDO TPMS Valve service kits are genuine products manufactured by VDO to service their range of TPMS sensors. VDO service kits replace the grommets and rubber seals within the sensor valve to ensure their longevity. They are becoming increasingly popular as TPMS systems are installed on more and more vehicles during manufacture.

It is essential that VDO sensor valves be serviced every time the tyre is changed. Using a service kit increases the lifespan of the sensor valve, ensures that the seals don’t fail and allows the tyre to be changed without replacing the entire sensor. Failing to use a service kit may reduce the life and integrity of your VDO sensors, and allow air to escape.

VDO sensors are installed on many new vehicles fitted with direct tyre pressure monitoring systems. This includes cars from manufacturers like Citroen, Ford, Renault and Peugeot. These sensors provide the driver with pressure readings or a low pressure warning via the onboard computer. Each sensor incorporates a valve, which these kits are designed to service.

About VDO

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VDO was created in 1929 when two companies that specialised in the design and manufacture of speedometers came together. VDO has been through a succession of acquisitions and mergers throughout its long and successful history and has seen ownership by Philips, Vodafone and more recently Siemens. VDO is now a business unit of Continental AG and has a broad range of products that it develops and sells as an Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means working together with leading brands, including vehicle manufacturers, to produce parts that are used during production; for instance TPMS sensors for cars.

As well as producing new TPMS sensors VDO continue to support their legacy products by producing replacements parts and TPMS service kits for products manufactured under the VDO-Siemens brand. 

VDO TPMS Service Kits

We supply valve service kits to support and service VDO’s range of TPMS sensors; including service kits for sensors produced under the VDO-Siemens brand. Our service kits allow sensors to be removed and refitted during tyre changing without new sensors having to be installed.

To order a VDO TPMS Service Kit please email or call us. If you’re unsure which kit you need for your VDO valves, our technical team should be able to help you identify which kit you need. 


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