Wheel And Tyre Packages

Wheel and Tyre Packages


As well as selling one of the UK's widest selections of genuine alloy wheels, Alloy Wheels Direct offers wheel and tyre packages across it's entire alloy wheel range. We allow you to create your own package by combining products rather than offering fixed deals with limited scope, so that you have the flexibility to choose your ideal set of wheels and pair them with a perfect set of tyres – all at a great price.

Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages designed by you.

Creating a wheel and tyre package couldn't be simpler. Once you've selected a set of alloy wheels and added them to your basket you will then be offered a range of tyres designed to fit those wheels - and the option to add fitting, if that's something you need. Our configurator automatically selects from hundreds of different tyres to offer you a selection of premium, mid-range and budget tyres that are the perfect size and fit for your new wheels.


After adding tyres, you can also choose to add our mobile fitting service, provided by ATS Euromaster, to create a custom wheel and tyre package fitted for you. The ATS Euromaster service means that as well as having wheels and tyres delivered to your door we also arrange for fitting at a date, time and location to suit you. Many of our customers find this service extremely convenient, arranging to have their new wheels and tyres fitted either at home or at work. We offer both summer and winter tyres across all of our packages, giving you the option to have a spare set of wheels and tyres for those winter months.

Wheel & tyre packages are available to customers around the world, whilst our mobile fitting service is available in 15 European countries including; United Kingdom Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland.

Alloy Wheel Packages – Making Life Easier


For many customers, choosing a set of alloy wheels to fit their vehicle can seem a complicated task, but our web based configurator makes this process incredibly easy – by allowing you to select your vehicle's make and model and then displaying a list of wheels that will fit. Once that's done our configurator offers a range of appropriate tyres, fitting and accessories. This system is backed by our technical team, who are on hand to offer any extra support or advice that you need - just ask.

As an online retailer our goal is to make the process of buying an alloy wheel and tyre package as simple as possible for our customers in an environment that is safe and easy to navigate. We have built a strong reputation based on trust, reliability and helpfulness and it is important to us that you get wheels and tyres that are sold at a fair and competitive price, rather than wheels & tyres sold in environment where you feel pressured or are offered a limited choice.

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