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MINI Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels Direct are one of the largest online retailers of alloy wheels for Mini's on the Internet. We stock and sell a vast range of mini wheels for the entire BMW Mini vehicle range. This covers all of the models released since 2001; the hatchbacks and hardtops like the Mini One, the mini convertibles, through to the newer Mini Clubman and Mini Countryman.

We spend a lot of time building relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that we can bring you genuine alloys at the best prices.

All of the wheels that we sell are genuine, this means that they have been designed and made by or for BMW Mini, and these are the same wheels that are used by Mini on their production lines - not aftermarket wheels by third party manufacturers. One of the reasons that we choose not to sell replica wheels is because of safety. Although replica wheels can be cheaper, they are made using inferior metals and are built to lower tolerances meaning that they are prone to cracking and can often be dangerous.

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Birth of the Modern Mini

The original Mini was made by the British Motor Corporation and released in 1959. By the 1960's the Mini had became an icon of British automotive manufacturing. Over the years, and through different ownership Minis continued to roll off of production lines, and despite improvements and iterations the mini stayed true to the original concept and was always recognisable – maintaining the same look and style.

In 1994 BMW acquired the Rover group, who had become the owners of the Mini Brand, and in early 2000 the group was broken up by BMW. Realising the value and the potential of the Mini, BMW decided to radically redesign the vehicle – going back to the drawing board, taking the concept and producing the new mini that we know today. Although this wasn't popular with die-hard mini enthusiasts the new Mini has grown in popularity with the general public and has become known for its style, reliability and performance. Many different models have been produced by BMW Mini; including the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S as well as larger models like the Clubman (rear opening doors) and the all-new Mini Countryman.

Mini Wheels and Tyres

As well as buying wheels for you mini you can also choose to add tyres and fitting when you use our online configurator and check out service. We have a wide variety of winter and summer tyres to complement your new wheels and you can also choose to have them fitted, either at home or at work, by selecting our ATS Euromaster mobile fitting service.

We also sell Mini accessories; centre caps, bolts and locking wheel nuts to complement the wheels that we sell.

If you need help choosing your alloy wheels, tyres or bolts, please contact us for technical support.

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