AC Schnitzer Alloy Wheels

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AC Schnitzer Alloy Wheels

We can supply all AC Schnizter alloy wheels for all BMW vehicles. Let us know which alloys you require, and which BMW you have so that we can give you a price to beat the competition!

AC Schnitzer Alloy Wheels
AC Schnitzer wheels are named by "type".
AC Schnitzer Mi1 alloy wheels for MINI
AC Schnitzer Mi2 alloy wheels for MINI
AC Schnitzer Type I alloy wheels
AC Schnitzer Type II alloy wheels
AC Schnitzer Type III alloy wheels
AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy wheels
AC Schnitzer Type V alloy wheels
AC Schnitzer Type VI alloy wheels

AC Schnitzer History
AC Schnitzer Automobile Technik is a tuning company based in Aachen, Germany specialising in BMW/MINI cars and BMW motorcycles.

AC Schnitzer was founded in 1987; it was named after Aachen's licence plate code AC and the Schnitzer/Lamm family that also runs the successful Schnitzer Motorsport team in Bavaria. The Company is now part of the KOHL Automobile GmbH Group, but remains associated with Schnitzer.

As well as a range of stylish alloy wheels, Schnitzer also produce aerodynamic components which focus not only on appearance but also on driving safety, by reducing lift, for example. A range of materials are used including aluminium, leather and carbon. The product range also includes control elements such as steering wheels, pedals and hand-brake levers, interior mouldings and cladding, and individual customer specified components.Chassis components are race circuit tested at the Nürburgring circuit for performance and comfort.

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