Brabus Accessories

Brabus Alloy Wheels

Our selection of Brabus accessories includes wheel adapter kits, wheel bolts and genuine Brabus badges for your vehicle. These can be used on your existing Brabus or on your stock Mercedes-Benz to help upgrade or enhance your car.

Brabus is a tuning company based in German and they have become renowned for great design and engineer excellence. Alongside their range of enhanced Mercedes Benz vehicles Brabus also sell individual performance parts and accessories so that customers can add a touch of Brabus performance and styling to their own vehicles.  

Genuine Brabus Accessories

All of the accessories that we sell are genuine parts from Brabus, they are not copies or replica accessories.  If you can’t find a specific Brabus accessory that you need, please contact us; we may be able to source your accessory through our supplier network.


Brabus Customised Paint Finish
Brabus Custom Paint Finish. Choose any wheel colour, add a pinstripe edge in a contrasting colour! Painting is all performed in-house by Brabus.
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Genuine Brabus Monoblock VI 2pc Valve
Genuine Brabus valve and cap for the Monoblock VI 2 piece wheel. Designed to fit Genuine Brabus and Smart Brabus wheels only. Part number VG08AL VG-08-AL
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Genuine Brabus Monoblock VI Valve Cap
Genuine Brabus valve cap for the Monoblock VI wheel. Designed to fit neatly within the valve recess. Aluminium - cast and knurled. Might be a tight fit if your wheels have been refurbished. Part number VG06ALK VG-06-ALK
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Genuine Brabus Round Valve Dust Cap Set
Refine the overall image of your Brabus wheels with a set of Genuine Brabus Round Valve caps. A set of 4 valve metal screw-on caps with the Brabus B logo on the end. Suitable for most valve types. Part# VG02AL
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