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Alloy Wheels Direct proudly stands as one of the very few independent suppliers of Genuine OE wheels, owing to our unique approach in sourcing these high-quality products. For many wheel specialists venturing into the OE rim market, the journey can be challenging, with limited discount opportunities and the potential for outright refusal from local suppliers due to restrictions on reselling. Our ability to navigate this landscape successfully enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, surpassing what you might find at a local dealership.

Strategically located in northwest Germany, our central warehouse positions us to purchase at pricing based on the German domestic pricing schemes, which in all but a few circumstances are lower than the prices offered in other countries for the same parts. In combination with better stock availability and shorter delivery times, this is good news for our customers!

Our procurement strategy relies on robust connections within the car manufacturer's official authorized network, ensuring a consistent supply of Genuine OEM wheels. Additionally, we source select aftermarket OES own-brands and car tuners directly from the wheel manufacturers. While the specifics of our network remain a closely guarded aspect of our business, the map below provides a glimpse into the extensive support system that fuels our success. Note that the map simplifies the journey from the car manufacturer's main logistics hub to our supply point, ensuring *clarity while preserving the confidentiality of our process. If you are interested in reading more about this, head over to our blog.

Brand-Specific Partnerships:

Our partnership with Alpina Automobiles dates back to 2006, with enduring relationships that have stood the test of time. During a visit to the Alpina factory in 2017, our CEO and Founder, Chris, had the opportunity to engage directly with Alpina’s team. While Alpina's pricing can vary between direct purchases and acquisitions through the BMW network, our sourcing strategy remains flexible to ensure optimal value for our customers. It's worth noting that the upcoming acquisition of Alpina by BMW AG in 2022 might introduce changes to their logistics process, expected to take effect post-2025.

Up until 2008, it was possible to purchase AMG parts directly from Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach through what was called the Premier Partner programme. However, since its discontinuation in 2009, we have successfully maintained access to AMG parts through the Mercedes-Benz official network. See below for more information on our Mercedes-Benz partner.

Audi is of course part of Volkswagen AG, Genuine Audi parts are only available through their authorized dealer network. We obtain Genuine Audi parts through our established connections within this network. Audi logistics in Germany is very efficient and although there are multiple logistics locations where Genuine Audi wheels originate (Audi Accessories, Audi Sport, Audi Tradition, Quattro GmbH), they are one of the fastest delivering partners we have.

The BBS brand holds legacy within our industry. We have been supplied directly from the BBS factory in Schiltach since 2012 (under BBS International GmbH, then BBS GmbH). BBS automotive GmbH are currently owned by KW Automotive GmbH. We are supplied and serviced by the team at the BBS Schiltach factory and KW Automotive staff.

Since our inception, Genuine BMW wheels have been at the core of our brand portfolio. Our connections within BMW’s official network ensure a steady supply. Their global headquarters in Munich supply various other logistics centres including their authorized network, from which we purchase. 

We were first introduced to the Borbet brand when Chris met the Borbet Sales CEO at an aftermarket car parts exhibition in Germany. We have been purchasing directly from Borbet Vertriebs GmbH since 2012.

Brabus were introduced to us in 2010 by our Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Chris was invited to the factory by the Brabus sales manager at the time, Nils Jacoby. In 2023 Nils is still at Brabus as Sales Director. We are supplied directly by Brabus in Bottrop.

Jaguar vehicles are assembled in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. Parts are distributed worldwide from there and to us via the JLR logistics centre in France and their authorized network.

JCW - John Cooper Works 
John Cooper Works is a brand owned by BMW AG. Please see entry for our BMW partner

Since 2004, Mercedes-Benz, along with AMG and Smart, has been a foundational element of our business. Our ability to navigate Daimler AG's stringent processes, enforced by their compliance department, ensures our steady supply of Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts through our established network.

As a brand under the BMW AG umbrella, our supply of MINI products is facilitated through BMW’s official network. Please refer to the entry for our BMW partner for additional details.

OZ Racing
We have been offering Genuine OZ Racing wheels to our customers since 2012, initially through OZ Racing UK Ltd who were setup by Mike Woodhouse as the UK’s official importer. Since 2014 we have been supplied by OZ Deutschland GmbH. OZ Racing wheels are ordered through OZ Germany and delivered to us either directly from OZ Racing Italy, or through their German Authorized distributor, OZ Deutschland.

Porsche are headquartered in Stuttgart and have their global logistics centre there. We are supplied with Genuine Porsche parts through their Official Porsche Centre (OPC) network in Germany, ensuring access to the complete spare parts catalogue. 

Known as one of the largest original equipment suppliers, Ronal also offers a superb range of their own brand wheels, all of which we have been purchasing directly from their headquarters since 2014. Our relationship ensures a consistent supply of their incredible wheels.

Smart is a brand owned by Daimler AG. Please see entry for our Mercedes-Benz partner

Smart-Brabus is a brand owned by Daimler AG. Please see entry for our Mercedes-Benz partner
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