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Brabus Alloy Wheels

Who are Brabus?

Brabus are a tuning company that specialise in enhancing the specification and performance of standard Mercedes-Benz, Smart Car and Maybach model vehicles. Vehicles tuned by Brabus have a wide range of improvements over standard models - including, of course, their alloy wheels.

We supply Brabus wheels for all of the Mercedes models, whether you are looking for replacement wheels for your existing Brabus, or you are simply looking to enhance the styling and handling of your Mercedes-Benz by adding Brabus alloys.

All of the Brabus’ wheels are named and identified using Roman numerals, for example:

Brabus Monoblock IV alloy wheels -
Brabus Monoblock V alloy wheels -
Brabus Monoblock VI alloy wheels -

They come in a variety of different sizes to suit personal taste and vehicle specifications.

Mercedes Brabus

The History of Brabus

Brabus was born in 1977 when it was formed by two German car specialists  – Professor Bodo Buschmann and Klaus Brackman.

Since its creation the company have been based in Bottrup, in the west of Germany - not far from Dusseldorf, and it has grown to become the second largest tuner of Mercedes vehicles after AMG. The majority of Brabus’ business comes from outside of Germany – over 70%. Clients include Russian Billionaires and Arab Sheiks, who have commissioned the tuning of bespoke supercars.

Whilst every Brabus comes with a range of styling improvements and enhancements like uprated wheels, spoliers and bodykits - Brabus’ main goal is to turn regular cars into supercars through increased horsepower, tuning and handling improvements.

Choosing your Brabus Wheels

Simply click the drop down menu above, and select your vehicles model.

Our online configurator will provide you with a list of suitable Brabus wheels for your vehicle. If you have any other questions or you aren't too sure - just send us an email or call us. We have the technical expertise to help ensure that you order the correct wheels.

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