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Porsche Alloy Wheels

We offer a comprehensive selection of original Porsche alloy wheels to fit Porsche's entire range of vehicles. By partnering with manufacturers we bring you one of the UK's best selections of genuine Porsche wheels, only available through Porsche Centres or specialist suppliers like Alloy Wheels Direct. We do not supply replicas.

We work hard to ensure that our product range is constantly up to date and that we supply wheels for even the newest vehicles including the Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Boxster, 997, Cayman and Panamera.

Many of our customers like to enhance the styling of their Porsches by adding new alloy wheels – often choosing a larger size or a different style. By buying from us you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are purchasing genuine wheels at a competitive price and in a convenient way.

Our online configurator makes it even easier to identify which wheels will fit your Porsche, to buy tyres, and arrange for fitting.

Porsche History

Porsche ImagePorsche was formed in 1941 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche who was born in what is now part of the Czech Republic but was previously part of Austro Hungarian Empire. The company has close ties with and still owns part of Volkswagen (literally - car of the people), and this is the name that was given to one of Porsche's first projects; The Volkswagen beetle.

Many people consider the Porsche 356 to be the first real Porsche produced, it was the product of Ferdinand Porsche's son - Ferry Porsche - and was the start of the modern company that we now recognise.

Porsche Wheel and Tyre Sets

Unlike many other products sold in UK, a complete wheel and tyre set for your Porsche will actually cost less than it does in Germany or USA. If you are looking to purchase a set of 4 new Porsche wheels, it also works out better to purchase a complete set of wheels with tyres prefitted by Porsche than it does to buy four individual wheels! This is because the set of four wheels and tyres (and tyre pressure sensors on some wheelsets) are supplied as a single part number for the set, and Porsche offer price incentives in comparison to purchasing individual wheels. We offer every wheelset with tyres that Porsche currently have in their range, and you can see them after selecting your Porsche model by looking out for the black dot

Buying From Us

Our configurator above will help you choose the correct wheels for your Porsche by providing a list of wheels that fit. If you've got any other questions or aren't too sure - just drop us an email or give us a call, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to help ensure you order the right wheels for your car.

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