Huf Beru TPMS Valve Service Kits

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We stock and sell a broad range of Huf TPMS service kits designed to rebuild TPMS sensor valves and replace seals on Huf, Beru and Doduco tyre pressure monitoring valves. As TPMS sensors become more and more prevalent our service kits are become increasingly important.

Valve service kits need to be used whenever a tyre is changed or a TPMS sensor valve is removed from the wheel. Each service kit includes replacement seals and parts to service the valve and to ensure that air does not escape. Because of the variety of TPMS systems on the market and their varying requirements it is not uncommon for people to unnecessarily replace the entire valve stem rather than servicing the existing valve, with a valve servicing kit.

TPMS sensor valves are found on vehicles with direct tyre pressure monitoring systems. Unlike traditional rubber valves these valves work alongside a tyre pressure sensor to deliver pressure information to the vehicles on board computer. Although the external element of the sensor valve is very similar in appearance to a rubber valve the valve stem is usually made of aluminum and bolted through the wheel.

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Huf, Beru and Doduco TPMS Service Kits

In 2011 Huf purchased Beru's tyre pressure-monitoring business and inherited Doduco as part of this acquisition. Huf now produce service kits and valves for Beru and Doduco tyre pressure monitoring sensors alongside their own.

It is essential that our TPMS service kits are fitted by a trained mechanic. Valves need to be tightened to the correct torque and appropriate reprogramming and diagnostic tools should be used. We supply TPMS service kits to consumers and the trade.

To order a TPMS Service Kit please call or email us with the vehicles details including the year of manufacture and model.

We are able to source and supply genuine service kits for the majority of vehicles fitted with Huf, Beru and Doduco tyre pressure valves. We offer fast worldwide delivery, and as one of the UK's largest Alloy Wheel Suppliers we source all of our products through our extensive supplier network.


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