Universal TPMS Systems

Universal TPMS


Universal TPMS sensors are replacement tyre pressure sensors that can be programmed to work with almost any vehicle fitted with TPMS. They act as replacements for broken or damaged tyre sensors and work in tandem with your vehicles existing TPMS system to provide the onboard computer with tyre pressure readings and warnings.

Universal TPMS sensors have many advantages; for consumers they are much cheaper to buy than OE or OEM sensors, and for our trade customers it means that they only have to keep a few types of sensor in stock. This allows them to install and replace sensors on many different types of vehicle, and helps manage the proliferation of different tyre sensors.

As TPMS sensors have become standard on vehicles over recent years (and in some countries compulsory) hundreds of different types of sensors have been developed. As a result, aftermarket sensors have grown rapidly in popularity, and with more than 150 sensor types on the market it is incredibly difficult for tyre centres and garages to keep track. Our range of universal sensors are easily programmed during installation to replicate the vehicle's original sensors –allowing garages to support a broad range of vehicles without storing hundreds of different parts.


Universal sensors are cheaper to buy, but this doesn't mean that quality is sacrificed – We only sell universal TPMS sensors from leading manufacturers like VDO, Alligator and Schrader – companies which already design and manufacture original sensors for car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Audi & Porsche. These companies have the engineering experience and excellence required to produce reliable, safe TPMS systems that will work with any vehicles, and so we are happy to stock their products.

Our product range includes popular sensors like ALLIGATOR sens.it, Schrader EZ-sensor and VDO Redi Sensor.

Buying Universal TPMS Sensors

Please call or email us for details of the range of universal tyre pressure sensors that we sell. We provide not only replacement sensors but also the equipment necessary to program and maintain the sensors. It is important to remember that TPMS sensors need to be serviced with each tyre change, and that they should be installed by a properly trained and competent technician.


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